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Canadian technology construction of houses

In low-rise housing construction technology, “Canada house” (wooden frame and panel construction) is recognized as the most economical, energy-saving, fast, durable and environmentally friendly.

SIP technology in the West

M & a technology (which is derived from the SIP — Structural Insulated Panels — structural insulated panels), the proposed “M-Pro Representative” SIP technology in Odessa is:

serviced warranty – 10 years (lifespan of over 100 years);

a huge margin of safety (seismic 9 points);

the speed of construction (ready-made house 100 square meters for two months);

lightweight construction that does not require lifting equipment and high costs for the Foundation of the device;

allows you to apply all kinds of interior and exterior decoration;

and, of course, the price that is definitely lower in comparison with other technologies of construction. (Approximate prices for the construction of house are given below)

We use SIP technology in Odessa, excellent that SIP panel and strapping a wooden beam, which serves as a supporting frame for the structure, calculated by the designers (adhering to the norms of SNiP, DSTU and DBC) and in the form of detailing goes in the manufacturing, where factory conditions with high precision are made of parts that are delivered to the site.

On the prepared Foundation (at observance of technology of installation) are installed SIP wall panels with glued tightly tying the timber (tongue and groove) and are fixed by screws; then along the perimeter of the installed wall panel is glued and fixed following the wrapping bar which is mounted on floor or roof system (structural elements is selected and calculated individually). The result is embedded inside SIP panels (in steps of 1.25 m) bearing frame integrally tied with the Foundation, slab and roof system, ensuring stability, reliability, integrity and fire resistance of the structure.

The carrying capacity itself provides SIP panel, which consists of two layers of OSB (OSB, Oriented Strand Board — oriented flat plate with chips) 10-12 mm thickness glued under pressure a core of Styrofoam brand PSB-s-25 (suspension non-shrink self-extinguishing foam polystyrene, density 25 kg/m3), forming a remarkably strong monolithic sandwich structure, which when tested independently withstand a load of 10 000 kg per linear metre. Different finishing facade materials outside the building provides architectural appeal and resistance to atmospheric influences, and the inside covering of walls gipsokartonnymi plates allows you to conceal utilities and provide additional fire safety of the building.

All construction materials allowed in housing construction from the point of view of environmental friendliness, fire safety, etc. of the Manufactured panels have passed fire and stress tests, have certificates of quality and tested for health standards.

M-Pro offers a canadian house in Odessa in several versions:

1. Insulated box “with the installation”:

the walls of SIP panels with thickness of 160 mm with internal load bearing walls, height 2.50 m, with cut out window and door openings;

built-in power strapping frame made of timber treated with preservative;

floor of SIP panels with thickness 160-200 mm or on the basis of wood I-beams thickness of 250-320 mm, sheathed OSB plate on both sides with mineral wool insulation thickness of 150 mm inside;

interfloor stairs – as a gift;

roofing panel with a thickness of 160-200 mm or a traditional roof truss system with insulation of thickness 150 mm, with underlay films and crate under the metal tiles;

set fasteners and consumables, assembling the project.

2. House “turnkey”:

the Foundation reinforced concrete reinforced strip or pile, or stormcat-supported (design is chosen based on geologicheskikh conditions of construction), coupled with a multilayer reinforced insulated floor first floor;

insulated box Assembly (refer to p. 1.);

roof turnkey: roofing of metal production plant “Master-Profi Ukraine”, with all additional components and elements of drainage system, the binder of corrugated Board and a roofing plate;

plastic Windows and exterior doors of the middle class;

the outer facade finish plaster “bark beetle” or vinyl siding.

The estimated cost per m2, depending on the trim level and area of the building. Pictures are shown in.e. and in UAH for comparison

3. The third option is a housing complex with Assembly drawings for self-Assembly. Designed for contractors, individual teams and advanced developers. Provides for design, manufacturer of kit, advice on the Assembly and, if necessary, “supervision”. Under this option, the cost of the set is 90.e. per sq. m. Payment for “supervision” – by appointment.

The price of SIP panels

Select the project for the construction of homes of SIPS panels You can by clicking on the link in the directory of the project. or to find a suitable project for inquiry on the Internet or vicentep the sketch yourself. In any case, we will modify Your project, develop documentation KM and KMD, will calculate the final estimated value, taking into account all Your wishes and approval by You of the points related to the project design.

The terms of producing of the set of materials for the house with a total area of 150-200 sq. m. not to exceed 20 working days. The timing of the Assembly in finished basement not more than 21 working days.

Constructive possibilities of our SIP panels

the ceiling of the 1st floor slab 2nd floor

the overlap of the old structure of roofing

wall fencing hinged tower structure

Houses on the canadian technology (or the house of SIP-panels) have important advantages: they are warm, lightweight, durable, environmentally safe, energy efficient, rapidly built, and in addition to all – inexpensively constructed.

Canadian house in Odessa have become very popular, they are preferred by more people. And it’s not only the middle class but also wealthy people who have a greater choice in construction, inclined to the technology.