Canadian technology construction of houses
In low-rise housing construction technology, "Canada house" (wooden frame and panel construction) is recognized as the most economical, energy-saving, fast, durable and environmentally friendly. SIP technology in the West M…

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Belgium is a small country that focuses on organization, uniting Europe. Since 1959, in Brussels, capital of Belgium, is the headquarters of the EEC since 1967, NATO, the Benelux countries…

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Mysterious facts

10th place:

The most interesting map of the Turkish Admiral Piri Reis is the coastline of Antarctica. The map was compiled in the sixteenth century based on the Greek maps of the time of Alexander the great. Antarctica shown on the map with accuracy comparable to satellite observations.

9th place:

In 1995 on the island of Crete, archaeologists discovered a large chip is made of clay, which depicts a device resembling an outline of modern heavy helicopter. The subject recovered from the cultural layer 2 thousand years ago.

8th place:

The highest artificial mound in England hiding an ancient stepped pyramid. The surrounding fields regularly appear mysterious circles of flattened wheat and other drawings.

7th place:

Nazca – mysterious plateau, has for centuries haunting the scientists of the world. Nobody knows where it take great pictures.

6th place:

Balls of Costa Rica – a mysterious rock formations perfectly round. Balls come in many sizes, from ten centimeters to three meters or more in diameter. When aerial photography revealed that they are scattered on the surface of the earth is not accidental, but formed by geometric figures.

5th place:

To new Delhi is seven pillar of pure iron. His age is 1600 years old, and he hasn’t suffered from corrosion. Some people believe Delhi post a special sign left by aliens.

4th place:

One of the most mysterious creatures on Earth is vestimentifera, two-meter worms that live on the seabed at a pressure of about 260 atmospheres close to emission hot mineral springs whose water is saturated with hydrogen sulphide. Even if life on the planet surface will disappear completely underwater oases will continue to exist.

3rd place:

The most mysterious body in our solar system is Hector, the body in the asteroid belt. It changes its Shine with perfect periodicity in seven hours. This periodicity is possible for the body having the shape of a cylinder.

2nd place:

In 1924 during excavations near the village of Taung in the North West of South Africa discovered a strange skull. Scientists studying the skull, a hypothesis that the remains belong to the humanoid extraterrestrial origin. The skull is about 2.5 thousand years.

1st place:

In 1925 in the career of a brick factory near Moscow Odintsovo was discovered stone the human brain, fine details. The find was made in the layer of coal, formed in the period when there was no humans, no mammals at all.