The construction of the world's animals
When wasps build a nest use a home-made paper. They tear off pieces of the wood fibers, moisten them with saliva, turning into a paste, which is used in the…

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Ancient Roman fortress found in Italy
They found that it was part of a large military camp with an area of about 130 square meters and is located on strategic location on top of a hill.…

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Mysterious dragon houses of Evia

Very interesting archaeological wonder is located in southern Evia . this 25 famous huge constructions called Drakospita (‘dragon house’). They are always located on steep slopes, towering above the terrain and is built of huge limestone blocks with pyramidal roof: the opposite walls converge, and the boards stacked on top of each other, each of which protrudes over the lower. Among other architectural features – monolithic jambs and lintels and projecting stone shelves from the walls.

There are many theories that explain who, when, how and why they built the dragon dwelling. Some claim that this ancient sanctuary of Zeus, Hera or Hercules. Others believe that it could be guard posts or protective facilities, and even shelters for lumberjacks. Whatever the truth, their Grand size and method of construction constitute an amazing mystery!

Drakospita mountains Oxx

Most impressive of all the dragon houses of Evia is the structure located on mount Ochi at a height of 1389 metres, just above the village of Karystos. The amazing thing is that they have not used any of the connecting material, and a huge plate decorated with a decorative carving and fit exactly to each other. The house have a size of 5×10 meters, and its wall thickness is 1.5 m. What usually strikes visitors is the fact that the horizontal plate is Π-obraznosti has a length of 4 m, height 2 m, thickness 0.30 m and weighs 10 tons! How ancient builders were able to raise so heavy a subject at 2 m above the ground? And why make so much effort for the construction of this building at a height of 1400 m? What other secrets keep the misty gorges of time?

In 1959, archaeological excavations under the direction of Professor Moutsopoulos near Drakospita mountains Oohs were found and pottery shards (one of them scientists have discovered an inscription in an unknown language), today they are kept in the archaeological Museum of Karystos .

Walk in the footsteps of dragons

Hiking on mount Ochi is a wonderful experience. The area included in the Natura 2000 list for its natural beauty, an extremely rare species, isolated for many thousands of years – flora and fauna . Take a walk through this ancient ecosystem, starting with district Mel Caristo to the hut at an altitude of 1100 m. Inhale the scents of thyme and wild tea, admire the centuries-old chestnut trees in the area of Kostanaigas . Near the hut lies the path that leads to the top of the mountain on its steep slopes. A short stop at the chapel of the Prophet Elijah . located right on the cliff, and you will have a spectacular view of the surroundings. And of course, be sure to visit Drakospita!