Gothic architecture
Since the second half of the XII century in Western Europe, and especially in Northern France, there is a new style of architecture, radically different from the Romanesque and Gothic…

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Understanding the greatest buildings of the world
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Wonders of the world:the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre – Dame de Paris)

When I looked down from the towers of Notre Dame, I had a lot of strange thoughts. How many centuries have passed beneath these towers! How many changes – and how little anything has changed!

A small medieval town, surrounded by fields, vineyards and forests. Then growing Paris which several times moved their walls. Paris of the last centuries, which, as noted by Victor Hugo, ‘changing its face once in fifty years’. And people. They’re always going somewhere just past those towers, always somewhere in a hurry – and always there were; they could not see, did not notice; these are the same people. And the towers are the same, with the same chimeras that look at the city, forever changing, forever threatened and forever remaining the same.

Here clearly can see two lines in the life of mankind. One is the life of all the people below; the other is the life line of those who built Notre Dame. Looking down from these towers you feel that the real history of mankind, worthy of mention, and there is a story of the builders of Notre Dame, and not those who pass by. And you realize that these two stories are incompatible.

One story passes before our eyes; strictly speaking, this is a story of crime, for if there was no crime, not byloby and history. All important turning points and stages of this history are marked by crimes: murders, acts of violence, robberies, wars, rebellions, beatings, torture, executions. Fathers kill children, and children fathers; brothers kill each other; husbands kill wives, wives their husbands; kings kill their subjects, the subjects of kings.

This is one story – the story everyone knows, the history that is taught in school.

Another story is the story, which is known to very few. Most people do not see her history of crime. But what creates this hidden history, and there is only much later, sometimes centuries, as there is Notre Dame. Visible story, one that flows on the surface, the story of the crimes attributed to itself that has created a hidden history. But actually the visible history is always deceived about the fact that he created a hidden history.

About the Notre Dame Cathedral a lot; in fact, it is so little! He who is not tried by yourself about it to learn something, to get something from the available material, will never believe how little information there is about the building of this Cathedral. The construction took many years; the names of the bishops, who somehow sposobstvovali the construction of the Cathedral, as well as the names of the kings and popes of that time. But the builders left no record; known only by their names, but not all. There are no facts about schools who stood for what was created in this amazing period, which began approximately in the year 1000 and lasted about four centuries.

It is known that at that time there existed schools of builders. Of course, they had to exist because each master usually worked and lived together with his disciples. So worked as painters and sculptors; of course, it also worked, and architects. But these schools were other associations of very uncertain origin, and it was not just the school of architects or masons. The construction of cathedrals was part of a huge and cleverly conceived plan that allowed you to exist completely free of philosophical and psychological schools in this rude, ridiculous, cruel, superstitious, self-righteous and the scholastic period of the middle ages. School has left us a huge inheritance; but we almost all lost, for they did not understand neither its meaning nor value.

The school, built the Gothic cathedrals, were so well hidden that now their traces are found only by those who already know that these schools were supposed to exist. Undoubtedly, Notre Dame was not built by the Catholic Church of XI-XII centuries, which were already heretics to torture and costs, discourage free thought. There is not the slightest doubt that at that time the Church was the instrument of preserving and disseminating the ideas of true Christianity, i.e., true religion and true knowledge, is absolutely alien to the Church.

There is nothing incredible in the fact that the plan for the construction of cathedrals and the organization of schools under the cover of construction activities arose due to increased ‘eroticomania’ in the Catholic Church and because the Church has lost the qualities that made her a refuge for knowledge. By the end of the first Millennium of the Christian era the monasteries had gathered all the science, all knowledge of his time. But legalized hunting of heretics, the persecution, the approaching era of the Inquisition made it impossible to stay knowledge in the monasteries.

Then knowledge was found, or rather created new suitable refuge. Knowledge left the monasteries and passed into schools of builders and masons. The style that was later called ‘Gothic’ (its characteristic feature was the pointed arch), at the time was considered ‘new’, ‘modern’ and was adopted as a distinctive sign of the schools. The internal structure of the schools was a complex organization; they were divided into various stages. This means that in every so-called ‘school of masons’, where he taught all the Sciences necessary for an architect, there were ‘internal school’, where he explained the true meaning of religious allegories and symbols, where he studied ‘esoteric philosophy’, or science about the relationship between God, man and the universe, i.e. ‘magic’; but for one only thought about it people were sent to the rack and burned at the stake. The school continued to exist until the Renaissance, when it became possible the emergence of ‘secular science’. New science, fascinated by the novelty svobodnogo thinking and free exploration, very soon forgot about her origins, and about the role of the ‘Gothic’ cathedrals in the preservation and transmission of knowledge.

But Notre Dame remained; up to the present days he keeps ideas schools, ideas of the true ‘the Freemasons’ – and shows them to us.

It is known that Notre Dame, at least on the surface, now closer to the original design compared to his appearance in the last three centuries. After countless pious, but ignorant of the alterations, after the storm of revolutions, rozruchowego that escaped these alterations, Notrdam was restored in the second half of the XIX century and restored by the man deeply understood his ideiu. However, it is difficult to tell what’s left from the old building, and what is new; and not due to lack of historical data, and because ‘new’ is often actually ‘old’.

That is, for example, tall, thin and sharp spire over the Eastern part of the Cathedral of twelve apostles, headed by the apocalyptic beasts as it went on the four sides of the world. The old spire was destroyed in 1787. What we see now, built in the XIX century, is the work of violet-Leduc, restavriruemogo the Cathedral during the Second Empire.

But even Violette-Leduc could not recreate the form that was opened from the towers of the city, failed to cause the scenic effect which was undoubtedly part of the intent of the builders; spire with the apostles is an integral part of this type. You are standing on the top of the tower and look to the East. City, houses, river, bridge, the tiny figures of people. And none of these people can’t see the spire, doesn’t see Teachers who descend to earth following an apocalyptic beasts. This is quite natural, since from there, from the earth, it is difficult to distinguish between them. If you go down to the Seine, to the bridge, the apostles will seem out almost as tiny as the people here. Besides, they get lost in the details of the roof of the Cathedral. You can see them only if I know about them, as it happens in many cases in life. But who wants to know?

And Chimera? Or just take them for ornaments, or works of different artists, created in different times. In fact, they are one of the most important elements of the entire Cathedral.

This plan was very difficult. More precisely, there was no single project, and there are several, complementary. The builders decided to invest in the Notes-Give all of his knowledge and his ideas. You find here and mathematics and astronomy; some unusual ideas of biology (aka ‘evolution’) etched in the stone bushes, on which human heads grow; they are located on the ledge under the flying buttresses

Chimeras and other figures of Notre Dame we passed the psychological ideas of its builders, mostly, the idea of the complex nature of the soul. These figures represent the soul of Notre Dame, its different ‘I’: pensive, melancholy, watching, derisive, malignant, absorbed, something devouring, tensely peering into an invisible distance – as does, for example, a woman with a headdress of nuns, which can be seen above the capitals of the columns of a small turret high up on the South side of the Cathedral.

Chimeras and all the figures of Notre Dame possess a wonderful property: they are not about to draw, write or take a picture beside them people appear dead, featureless stone statues.

To explain these ‘I’ Notre Dame are difficult, they must feel but can feel them. Just for this you should choose a time when Paris is calm, and it happens before dawn, when the shadows can be distinguished from some mysterious creatures, which are located upstairs.