The most ancient buildings on Earth
Mysteries of ancient civilizations excite the minds of hundreds of researchers around the world. Moreover, in the past history of peoples, has left us with dozens of buildings to explore.…

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Understanding the greatest buildings of the world
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Tours to the most mysterious places of Russia

In Russia a huge number of places, covered with legends magic or dark mysticism. How they call it: “places of power”, anomalous zones… Some of them are so difficult that the path to him becomes a real adventure.

Especially rich in mysterious objects the European North of Russia. Researchers often associate them with the ancient civilization of Hyperborea. In the summer, to look for traces of the mother of world culture tourists are invited into the heart of the Kola Peninsula, while Hiking in the Lovozero tundra. Here on the shores of lake seydozero, which the Saami consider sacred and the dwelling place of evil spirits, researchers in 1997 were found cyclopean ruins, the remains of an ancient Observatory, and many other artifacts. Travelers particularly impressive 70-meter figure of a giant of Covey, inexplicably printed on high rock. An eight-day trekking on the Kola Peninsula to the Seydozero will require good physical shape, since it is held in quite dynamic pace.

Not smaller interest is represented and mount Vottovaara, located in neighbouring Karelia, in the middle of nowhere that you can reach it only during the jeep tour. Vottovaara — the highest point of the West Karelian upland— 417,1 m. the mountain is Located in 350 kilometers from the capital of Karelia, city of Petrozavodsk, in the Muezersky district. Famous Vottovaara lots of different single stones (including standing on the smaller rocks), called seita, and clusters of boulders, stone staircases and a peculiar form of vegetation: the trees here are twisted around its axis and drawn to the land. Researchers and scientists more than one year break lances around the mysteries of Vottovaara, some are inclined to believe that everything we see on the mountain — nature of the game, other that it is an ancient cult complex and the “place of power”. There are those who believe Vottovaara “a portal to other worlds”. Ufologists say about the squadrons of UFOs, supposedly visiting the mountain.

Another famous “power spot” in Karelia — the archipelago of the Body, where tourists go on a boat. It seems that once it was a place for ancient rituals, which only the mysteries to be solved. Silent witness — stone seids and labyrinths of the ancient Sami tribes and the stunning landscapes of the White sea.

Hyperborea so excites the minds of scientists and researchers because of its “pieces” are trying to gather far beyond the Northern limits, for example, in the southern Urals. Here survived and was miraculously saved from flooding by reservoir of city of Arkaim, the inhabitants of which had by no means ordinary knowledge in various fields. Fortress settlement Arkaim was a major metallurgical center for smelting and bronze, it is possible that an astronomical Observatory. Arkaim is considered to be the same age as Stonehenge, which is located at the same latitude in 4000 thousands of miles to the West. However, this is only one hypothesis about the fate of the descendants of the Hyperboreans. Since 1987, when the city was found by archaeologists, Arkaim has acquired a large number of rumors, legends and myths that the only way to understand all is to go there personally. The trip to Arkaim — the classic sightseeing tour, it is open to children from the age of 13. Second place in the “ranking” of the most mysterious places in the Urals, of course, is the Dyatlov pass. A seven-day hike to the pass Dyatlov popular Hiking in the Northern Urals, as it requires a good physical shape, and the presence of strong nerves. The Dyatlov pass contains one of the greatest mysteries of Russian tourism — the secret of the death of a group of skiers. Many versions, ranging from “triggered” legends of the Mansi people to test a new weapon, so don’t completely give the answer to the question, what happened one February night in 1959. Frequently visiting the Dyatlov pass tourists combine a trip on the Manpupuner plateau, which is one of the wonders of Russia — an incredibly picturesque pillars of weathering tall with a 10-15 storey building. In this case, the duration of Hiking in the Northern Ural mountains stretches for two weeks at sports, pretty hard schedule movement. The season of the tour on Manpupuner — July–September, the best month to storm the plateau — August. Firstly, it becomes considerably less blood-sucking insects, and secondly, shallow rivers to be forded. However, the difficulties in the way only reinforce the impression from the fantastic panoramas of Manpupuner.

A real adventure in the world of the unknown waiting for tourists in the Altai mountains. Lovers of esotericism and various riddles in the Altai mountains is calling the idea of finding the mythical land of Shambhala. Why are only numerous legends about mount Belukha, which give her a unique gift to revive and cleanse the soul. Annually to the foot of Belukha attracts thousands of horse and hikers, some are climbing to its summit. Another significant “place of power” of the Mountain Altai is the Ukok plateau, located in the very South of the Altai mountains, on the border of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia, at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level. The Ukok plateau is rich in archaeological monuments known and sensational findings. In 1993, in one of the mounds was found a well-preserved mummy of a young girl, in rich robes and with a tattoo — griffins at the shoulder. Now it is known as the “Altai Princess” is in the National Museum named after Anokhin in Gorno-Altaisk.

To visit the Ukok plateau could during the horseback riding or jeep tour. These trips are designed for tourists to experience camp life and ready for the vagaries of the weather. The Ukok plateau is famous for its summer snowfalls, which make it difficult and so easy, even for off-road vehicles the road: they have to storm the Warm key pass (about 3000 metres above sea level), through which lies the only road on the plateau.

It should be noted that SUVs are the most popular mode of transport for tours to the most mysterious places of Russia. The organizers of major expeditions for adventurers and fans of extreme sports quite often combine the route the jeeps and ATVs. A vivid example of such use of equipment is the expedition to the Cape ryty on Baikal. Located on the Northwest shore of the deepest lake in the world, Cape ryty is the glory of the most mysterious Baikal. Here fragments of an ancient wall with a length of 333 meters and oriented to the cardinal stone “tours”. Local residents believe the Cape shamanistic place. According to the traditions of the Cape Rytomu cannot be closer to children and women.

“Places of shamanic power”, traditional for Siberia. A special place among them occupies the Great salbyk barrow in Khakasia, erected for the repose of the mighty steppe leader. This colossal structure 25 centuries old buildings is impressive “fence” made of stone slabs weighing 30-50 tons each. Around the dumping areas observed strong anomalies. A visit to the mound, and a number of other objects that have a definite historical value, part of the archaeological tour to Khakassia. Weekly tour announced as a comfortable rest with rich excursion program. Comfortable accommodation implies a sound sleep in a double wooden Yurt and facilities on site.

People travel to mysterious places of different reasons, someone with a purely informative purposes, others are trying to “taste” enlightenment. Be that as it may, tours to the most mysterious places of Russia is the best opportunity to stop living “on the machine”, out of cans everyday and go to the place where the adventure is more than possible!