Gothic architecture
Since the second half of the XII century in Western Europe, and especially in Northern France, there is a new style of architecture, radically different from the Romanesque and Gothic…

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Mysterious ancient constructions in the Siberian tundra
Very interesting material sent by the author for our site. "Hello dear readers. Excuse me in advance apologize for some confusion of my statement and possible pitfalls, for the simple…

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Mysterious hemisphere in Yakutia

In northwestern Yakutia in the Upper Vilyui river stretches difficult terrain with traces of some grandiose cataclysms: a continuous fall of the old forest, and scattered all around rubble stretching for hundreds of kilometers. On this terrain deep under the ground are unknown metal objects. Their presence is manifested on the surface only spots bizarre vegetation, and these spots are a great danger to people. The ancient name of the area – Eluu Cherkekh (“death Valley”).

Some mysterious objects in the area are found on the surface.

One of them is a small, slightly flattened metal arch, which has some metal chambers in which even in the bitter cold warm. In ancient times, some hunters spent the night in the cells, but then got sick really bad. If spent several nights in a row, then soon died.

The elders forbade the people to go there, and this place was forgotten. Another mysterious object discovered by a geologist in 1936, is a protruding from the earth smooth metal hemisphere with a very smooth edge.

Metal color – reddish, the wall thickness is about two centimeters.

Dug hemisphere slightly inclined, and it is possible to enter riding on reindeer.

About pedobrazovanie reported and known in the last century, researcher on the situation of

R. K. Maak: “In Suntar I was told that in the upper reaches of the river there is a river called Algy temerity (“Big pot drowned”>. Near its banks in the forest, dug into the ground a cauldron, made of copper, from the earth protrudes only its edge, so that the actual value of the boiler is unknown, although people said that there are entire trees.”

This fact, notes another researcher of ancient cultures of Yakutia N. D.

Arkhipov: “Among the population of the basin Viluy there is a tradition from the earliest times the presence in the upper reaches of the river enormous bronze cauldrons – “algues”. The tradition that deserves attention, as these prospective areas mythical location boilers dated several rivers with the Yakut name Olguydah (“Boiler”).

And then – the most incredible thing: an old nomad told about some “metal hole”, where there is “helluva lot of thin, black eyed people in the iron clothes”. Closer to our times one local conductor also recalled that near the fire is an “iron burrow” with the “iron men”.

As the development of these sites began to appear and new information. A hunter discovered under a layer of ice a reddish metal surface leaving deep into the permafrost of a large dome. Two men, returning to base camp to extinguish a forest fire came across the charred cabin, under the floor of which was similar to the dome five or six meters in diameter.

Local legends say that these strange structures appeared “very long time”. Pain— in the coming round, “iron houses” rest on many of the side supports. They have neither Windows nor doors, only high atop the dome is “spacious LAZ”. There are other objects – a huge metal christiology and protrudes from the earth “triangular iron fortress”.

However, this description is difficult to read videmanis, since there are living witnesses who saw these objects. In 60-ies one of the hunters climbed into the exclusion zone, seen in the forest poluobvalivshuyusya hill, from the slope of which looked out L’h(CHP^`[.AI triangular object with a diameter of about 3 meters. Recently, the Yakut newspaper “Eder SAAS” published a letter of the Russian far East Mikhail Koretsky, visited the area with his father in 1933,

1939 and 1949: “as for mysterious objects, there are many, because for three seasons seven “boilers”. They all seem to me quite mysterious: first, the size-from six to nine feet in diameter, and secondly, made of a strange metal that does not take even a chisel. The vegetation is very lush, the grass taller than a man.

In one of the “boilers” we slept six of us. Nothing bad he felt. Except that the one in three months lost all her hair, and on my head there are three sores, remaining still. I also found the perfect mate a black ball with a diameter of six inches. It was smooth, as if polished. This stone cut glass like a diamond”.

In 50-ies of this mysterious area drew the attention of the military and spent tests, the results of which baffled the experts. It turned out that the military blew up some device, and the power of the explosion exceeded the estimated 2-3 thousands of times! The military, concerned about this fact, I thoroughly examined the area and found exposed on the surface of a few years studying them.

What I can say, after analyzing the information?

Clearly visible strange mixture of some ancient information (there is evidence from the past century until 50’s years of the present) and current data on the former nuclear test site. To clarify the situation can only new, well-equipped expedition.

Valentin PSALOMSHCHIKOV, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences In figures: strange objects in “death Valley” (Fig. artist Y. St. Michael – the stories of the eyewitnesses.)