The most ancient buildings on Earth
Mysteries of ancient civilizations excite the minds of hundreds of researchers around the world. Moreover, in the past history of peoples, has left us with dozens of buildings to explore.…

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Germany Lübeck
In the Northern part of Germany is a small but very famous city - the city of lübeck. He has for many years attracts huge number of tourists and is…

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A Grand Gothic Cathedral in the Central square of Vienna

Most of all while traveling in Vienna, I liked the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The building is very impressive — it is large and beautiful. We stumbled on it by accident while walking which certainly impressed the. The first thing we saw was the Parking lot of hired carriages — horse-drawn carriage.

From inside the Cathedral to see us, unfortunately failed. There was some kind of service. So we looked at it from the outside.

I love beautiful panoramic views. This Cathedral has two towers North and South. It is from them you can enjoy views of the city. We were not lucky North tower (with Elevator) was closed. And we went to the South. The entrance is three and a half euros. Pleasure in the very little rise so as to climb high, the stairs narrow and winding and entertain no. But the sight is amazing!

Loved the mosaics on the roof. Near colored tile looks very not usually. The roof is unique. God knows how much work it took to put an incredible amount of these tiles.

I can say that if you were in Vienna and saw the Cathedral we took a trip in vain. To photograph the Cathedral and failed. It is very big. Well, just huge. Apparently therefore near specifically for these as we have a layout.

Near the Cathedral is always crowded. The tourists day and night. Also there ochenmnogo traders sativa and musicians. The atmosphere is very fun and not compulsory. Especially in the evening. By the way in the evening, it is decorated with original lighting.

I advise you to get the Cathedral from all sides. On each side it looks charming. Appearance do not spoil even restoration work.

Still loved the dungeon. I advise everyone to visit it. If you are not afraid of the dungeons full of bones. The dungeon is called “the catacombs” and it is located under the Eastern half of the Cathedral under and adjacent to the East houses. In our days there are still buried higher hierarchy.