Mysterious structures

In the old days, when in kindergartens virgins were not only waspada nanny, right on the shore stood and worked Vitebsk furniture factory, whose remains You confused with the ancient Simboloj, namely forty years ago, these remains were originally built as a kind of springboard on which to barges dumped the waste production, but it was not long. Then they took out the railroad, but for some reason, I don’t know. There’s even ten years ago there were three small islets on which could fit a few people for fishing (because of a difference in bottom topography and sunken logs there were plenty of pike). As for the remains of the right side of the beach, they are built for the needs of Kim for not crumbled the shore for in the place where the two photos you can see kruglosutochnye (in the lane language the Fifth utility – Tonneau) for the needs of factories get water for the dyeing workshop. In ancient times, when at the mill the elder was Baseco people from port sailed on barges and specially there was cleaning the bottom, so the depth was 5 to 6 metres and we dived her head and wasn’t afraid to stick to the bottom). Now everything has gone down in history as the USSR and these two factories.

Found the chain not the legacy of these boatmen, and everything is much more prosaic – along both sides to no wear of the boat and the growth or decline in the water just moved the castle links. At one of these chains I in ancient times to fasten his metal “Kazanka” and wooden home-made. That’s the whole mystery of the Fifth ancient municipal hail Vitebsk. Yes, if You really have carefully examined the photographed sections of the river, you think at your leisure: 1. Why on the beach on the left side of the sand is bigger than the right? 2. If You find on the beach part of the female bust (sorry, but it’s Tits) – is located on the border of the water in a heap of concrete “parts” from the benches, where this aunt was standing when I made the whole sculpture. 3. Opposite the concrete stairs leading from the Park down to the river on the other side of the river are the ruined remains of Lucescu stairs. What connects them to each other? Thank you. Live more than forty years in the five-minute walk from “historical artifacts”, so You, as a young Ranger, can make an excursion. Sincerely, Governor public utilities Fifth in the third generation, father Onufry.