Fortifications of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
The tradition of the construction of defensive military installations, fortifications in Europe has for many hundreds of years. The first stone of the tower, but rather wood with a high…

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In the Syrian desert discovered mysterious structures
Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada) discovered in Syria, a mysterious stone circles and other features of the landscape that look as if they created people. "They don't…

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Megalithic structures. Malta

Clay and metal items, found in the upper layers of the dungeons Hal o Saflieni, belong to the bronze age.

Terracotta statuette of Hal o Saflieni

Standard plan megalithic temple

Later and less artistically valuable, they noted the influence of Aegean art.

From the looks of these products are made not aliens, but natives of Sicily: ceramic with incised pattern of red and white colors similar to the objects of the Neolithic cultures of Western Europe.

Ancient architecture – the most valuable part of the prehistoric heritage in Malta is presented in the open-air museums, which are all Islands in the archipelago. Megalithic sanctuaries of Malta belong to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic. The most interesting of all the monuments discovered on the territory of Europe, they are cut in rock or built of local limestone. Separate buildings constructed around 6 thousand years ago, there appeared before the Egyptian pyramids, until recently, considered the first man-made constructions on Earth. Megaliths (from the Greek. and megas lithos – “big stone”) called the ancient religious buildings, built from dry huge, often of rough stone blocks. To date, there are 3 types of megalithic structures: dolmens, menhirs and cromlechs. The dolmens, in the form of large stone boxes, covered with plaskolite, erected as burials. Menhir is a long stone, dug into the ground vertically.

Prehistoric monuments of Malta is mainly represented by cromlechs, or a group of menhirs set in the form of a circular fence. Such complexes famous Stonehenge in England and Carnac in France, they appeared a Millennium earlier. In addition to age, the Maltese megaliths are intended and unusual density: more than 20 temples located at the site, comparable to the small city. Megalithic structures of the same type, wherever they were, similar in material, architectural form and design.