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Mysterious place near Moscow – Sesmara

Among the mysterious places of Moscow suburbs Husmor occupies a special place.

There is almost everything that stirs the imagination of adventurers: of the abnormal area, where people disappear, change over time, appear mysterious atmospheric phenomena, anomalies of flora and fauna, the ancient pre-Christian legends about the temple of the serpent, and the mysterious and terrible snake moth…. If you plan to stay in the suburbs. you should spend a couple of days to explore this amazing place.

So, let’s order….

Sesmar is located in Meshchora, in the district lying to the North of the railway station Cherusti.

Of it was preserved mention in documents of the twelfth century, but the exact location of Rushmore on these documents cannot be determined.

The only contemporary witness who saw with his own eyes a pagan temple (or thinks he saw), a hunter living in the village of Pustosha, N. Eagles.

In his words, the temple is a huge hemisphere with a diameter of 6 meters and 3 meters in height built of rough stone around it are visible the remains of some stone pillars and all this covered with a thick layer of bright green moss. This building is located 15 kilometers from the village of Heath, due North.

How can we trust this testimony? One side would like to believe, on the other,tales of the hunt thing, to put it mildly, not very reliable, then why is there no evidence about this building other hunters and mushroom pickers….

Here it’s not even a conscious invention, possible errors of a different order. The construction may indeed exist, but not that big and not that old. Maybe it’s not even a building, and so, the play of nature without any human intervention….


Since before revolutionary times in the area of Rushmore disappeared people, disappeared even a train of four carts loaded with iron. Just from 1885 to 1920 in these places disappeared about 20 people.

Cases of disappearance of people and happen in our time. In 1996 there was a missing mushroom picker Sergey Efremov.

Of course, the disappearances can be blamed on the intruders and swamps, but the statistics and circumstances of the disappearance they say that there is something wrong. Too often and too specifically disappear is Rushmore…

There are a number of testimonies of abnormally large plants – the ferns, the trees in two girth, birches incomprehensible “square” (. ) section.

In these places mysterious glow observed in the atmosphere.

And huge snakes…. The locals called them “Boas”. There are legends about escaped from the zoo Anaconda. But this is of course nonsense, the large size of snakes (according to eyewitnesses, up to 3 meters) driven, some local anomaly.

The real danger of these meth is not only fenny bogs, but with snakes-corn-borer.

My own grandmother before the revolution and in the early years of Soviet rule lived near these places. With her horror stories of local residents were dwelling in the forests of the snake – moth. I’ll note that the locals why they were called the smooth snakes, but to have a nice and safe smooth snakes, the Copperhead has not had any relationship.

This is a relatively small snakes are reddish, their feature – jumping on a very big height (jumps to the throat of the person) and distance.

Snakes are extremely aggressive, attacking suddenly and stalk prey until the end. To meet such a snake in the forest meant to meet his death.

I tried to look on the Internet for information on this issue is evidence of the pyralid lot from St. Petersburg to the Urals, but official science does not recognize these snakes….

Curiously, but it is believed that the whistle of their lures, their lure and the strikes of the Gong …

At least, seekers of Rushmore in the woods is better not to whistle. If, nevertheless, You will find the moth in the forest, run away from it zigzags and even do not try to catch or capture, the danger from this snake is too high.

Local scientists historians are of the opinion that Sesmar could be a snake temple. An assumption in connection with the pyralid and “boa constrictors” very amusing….

Another feature of these meth – temporal anomaly. Among the local residents there are stories that on berry bogs occur “godforsaken place” where time flows differently. Collect at this place the berries for ten minutes or twenty, and then realize that hours have passed…. To celebrate the New year in the suburbs. in Rushmore pleasure, you can find it several times in half an hour.

Thus, in my opinion, Husmor place for research is extremely interesting, is what to look for and what to watch. However, he is not so far from Moscow. Search expedition can be conducted over the weekend.

Now about where to look.

Husmor that You cannot find on any modern maps. Its location is defined very approximately as a border zone of the Moscow and Vladimir regions on the right Bank of the Klyazma river.

Anomalous zones within the designated areas can go anywhere, and the temple (only if it actually exists) it is best to look following the instructions of the witness.

Fifteen kilometers from the village of Pustosha – ego, the southern border is a huge swamp Island. Long this swamp from the West to the East and twenty – five kilometres, the width to ten miles. And ecology of the swamp “killed” development of peatlands. Untouched remained only the Eastern part of about five kilometers.

For the swamp, a network of villages, cultivated fields, roads, etc. Of course, it’s not Izmailovsky Park, the place is quite deaf, but at the same time to get lost in this area of the temple difficult. If there was something like having watched our hunter, it would have long been known to too many people.

The swamp also mastered up and down, if there was something, now there is only the abandoned fields of peat.

Thus, the temple (if it exists) will be found in a forest miles from ten to fifteen (inclusive) due North from the village of Pustosha. This is certainly the area is not small, but to explore it in a few trips on the weekend is quite real….