In Mexico found the entrance to the underworld
A real discovery in the spirit of adventure of James Fenimore Cooper made archaeologists in the ancient city of Teotihuacan (Mexico). Under the pyramidal temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl)…

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In the Syrian desert discovered mysterious structures
Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada) discovered in Syria, a mysterious stone circles and other features of the landscape that look as if they created people. "They don't…

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Mysterious ancient constructions in the Siberian tundra

Very interesting material sent by the author for our site.

“Hello dear readers. Excuse me in advance apologize for some confusion of my statement and possible pitfalls, for the simple reason that writing this article is my first literary experience. So, let me introduce myself. My name is Kirill and I Kolansky more than 10 years of working in shifts in gas company of LLC “Gazprom dobycha Yamburg”, currently holding the position of engineer for oil and gas 1 category at the Northern fisheries company.

This small presentation is only for the fact that you have an understanding that I well not put you in doubt, those facts and concepts which I will continue to operate.

Now let’s turn to the presentation of the events. April 14, 2012 shift on GSP 421 YAMBURG-UFA. I’m in the company of other happy and satisfied shift workers, honestly spent their watch, and serving on midobaby rest in the place of permanent residence, stood in line for registration, with some satisfaction that I inherited at this time the ticket was next to the window. And this fact is a logical explanation, those who flew


must remember that this beauty in segodnasnej, in addition to the convenience of passengers, the aircraft range consists of 3 seats, and given the complexion of rugged men working in the Arctic circle, at least with the illusion of comfort, you can sit either in the aisle or by the window.

This was followed by some series of coincidences that led to the fact that I managed to make the pictures below. Firstly after takeoff, I noted the fact that the sky was surprisingly bright. As I wrote previously, over 10 years flying to and from work, but never have I witnessed such an amazing sight. Usually after takeoff, the aircraft during the ascend of flying Cirrus clouds in the upper atmosphere, and most of the time the bottom can be observed only endless from horizon to horizon the snowy wool.

The clouds in the upper atmosphere but can sometimes have more relaxed structure, but a feature of Northern latitudes is also of high clouds in the lower atmosphere, that completely hides any semblance. So this time visibility was so good that I completely forget about the most favorite amusement the story on the plane (do not think anything bad, I mean sleep) pressed his nose against the window and armed with a smart phone with built in camera enjoyed severe Northern beauty and occasionally photographed something most interesting.

About Northern beauty I want to talk separately. I, as a person born and raised in Central Russia,

not immediately tag all

the beauty and charm of this amazing region. But over time, this nature is absorbed into me and began my part, I can confidently say the North country has its own very special but no less wonderful nature, let her not so impressive and does not possess the variety of colors, but it is great for its minor details and finishing touches. She’s just beautiful. Phew, okay forgive me for that slight digression just couldn’t help myself. Will start to post pictures: