Belgium is a small country that focuses on organization, uniting Europe. Since 1959, in Brussels, capital of Belgium, is the headquarters of the EEC since 1967, NATO, the Benelux countries…

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Gothic cathedrals - aim for the sky
Maxim . Release year: 2011 Issued: Germany, Stein e Film Production.K. Director: Martin Papiroski Description: About the film: We travel back centuries to the construction of the most beautiful and…

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In Mexico found the entrance to the underworld

A real discovery in the spirit of adventure of James Fenimore Cooper made archaeologists in the ancient city of Teotihuacan (Mexico). Under the pyramidal temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl) at a depth of 12 meters, archaeologists found the entrance to the underground galleries. Looking helped old maps and ground penetrating radar. Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent is the Central building of the so-called citadel, a complex that comprises the center of Teotihuacan. And it is possible that there be a dumping of Mexican rulers. Them scientists of the Mexican National Institute of anthropology and history (INAH) looking for a long time. Still they were not able to find any burial of high-ranking teotiuakana.

However, the thing. The entrance is blocked. He was barricaded in the II century ad the entrance to the tunnel is a square shaft with a side of 5 meters, and the path inside it to clean difficult, reports ArtDaily. However, using a laser scanner and other devices they were able to “see” about 37 meters of the tunnel. Technique shows that there is some kind of obstacle. Scientists suggest that it can be huge blocks or statues that the ancients filled up the entrance to the tunnel, so no one got in.

Now archaeologists have been removed from the site 200 tons of earth, but before the end of the tunnel so far never reached. However, found about 60 thousand fragments of various items and remnants of pottery.

– There is evidence that the entrance to the tunnel was filled in 200-250 years ad – says study leader Sergio Gomez Chavez. And most likely, once in the dungeon, something hidden. We have no idea. However, we will not at breakneck speed to rush to the tombs, and will systematically analyze the tunnel and its contents. The discovery and systematic study of tunnel is very important for archaeologists, as it represents a unique opportunity to learn more about cosmology and religion the ancient teotiuakana.

To the tunnel specialists INAH plan to travel for several months and thus be the first who visited him over the past 1.8 thousand years after the passage was closed.

According to Gomez, creating a tunnel, the Indians realized their idea of the afterlife. There are suggestions that underground structures are not only buried their dead, and conducted the ceremonies of initiation and inauguration.