England. Mysterious Stonehenge
I want to tell you a bit about those stones, which we all know since Windows XP. We all remember those Wallpapers which bill gates offered us to install on…

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A Grand Gothic Cathedral in the Central square of Vienna
Most of all while traveling in Vienna, I liked the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The building is very impressive — it is large and beautiful. We stumbled on it by…

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Germany Lübeck

In the Northern part of Germany is a small but very famous city – the city of lübeck. He has for many years attracts huge number of tourists and is famous for its beauty of the Hanseatic city. Lübeck has long been considered one of the most powerful and influential cities in Germany.

All the parameters to it in comparison can go only Hamburg. But Hamburg continues to grow, succumbing to the influence of modernity, and lübeck remained forever in the middle of the 16th century. Thanks to this kind of isolation from the outside world lübeck is a unique Gothic city whose area is only 2 square kilometers.

Walking around the city you can almost completely learn the entire history of the brick Gothic style. As a new trend in architecture, the Gothic style over the years became widespread throughout Europe. Only in the Northern part of Europe lacked the limestone that was widely used by the French in the creation of unique and unique carved Gothic cathedrals. Due to the limited amount of limestone in the Northern part of Europe the master took the usual bricks and tried to put from him the same churches, which would not be inferior to their predecessors.

Judging from what happened in Lubeck, the master has achieved very good results. The most famous Gothic buildings in the city, built of brick, are velikolepnaya high carved façade of the hospital of St. The spirit of the Church. Peter, St. Mary, Lubeck Cathedral and the monastery of St. Anna. Mainly in the construction of buildings used red brick and white plaster. That gave the city a rather ghostly tint.

A distinctive feature of Old lübeck is its integrity. In the city it’s hard to find large modern building, which would not be composed of red brick. Prices in town are low enough and absolutely you can easily find cheap accommodation or sit at a local restaurant. Admire the imagination of the marionette Theatre, located in the city of lübeck. Perhaps only war has left its traces on the face of the city. The interior of the Church of the virgin Mary still keeps these bitter memories. During the bombing the Church bell collapsed to the stone floor.

The inhabitants of the city decided to leave fragments of the bells in those places where they fell and marked them with the words “a Protest against war and violence”. It should be noted that the city also has modern attractions. Or rather just one – it’s the Buddenbrooks, which was mentioned in the famous novel by Thomas Mann “Buddenbrooks”. Today this building houses the Museum of the Mann family.