What are the types of megalithic structures?
Megaliths (from the Greek. - a large stone) is a prehistoric construction of the huge blocks. In the limiting case that one module (the menhir). The term is not strictly…

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Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca – La seu ( as it is popularly called) is the main religious building of the Balearic Islands. This building is in the Gothic style,…

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The secret of happiness has long been known.

For someone who wants to find happiness and to be free from all suffering and anxiety, the ancient teachings of the Vedas reveals the original knowledge of the harmonious life.

It is hardly possible to find a phenomenon that causes so much interest, generating as many conjectures and hypotheses as the pyramids. For several centuries the best archaeologists and Egyptologists try to explain this phenomenon. We offer not a typical historical analysis and sociological assessment. We will not try to summarize the numerous studies conducted in this field by competent scientists. We want to introduce you to another trend in the study of these ancient monuments and to talk about the spiritual purpose of the pyramids.

Interesting and amazing facts

Of great interest is the origin of the word “pyramid”. There is evidence that in Ancient Greece were a popular sweet cakes of rice flour of some form, and some believe that their names and the word “pyramid”. However, the most logical seems to be the origin of the term from the Greek roots “pyro”, meaning fire, and “mazos”, meaning the middle, bearing in mind that the ancient Greeks during visits to Kemet (Egypt) could see fire ceremonies that took place inside the pyramids.

In encyclopedia Britannica it is written that in the Egyptian language of the pyramid was called “Mer” or “Meru”. Interestingly, the word “measure” can be found in Cushitic and Vedic cultures. Kushits — realizable Kush. This dark-skinned people in ancient times inhabited the North-East part of Africa. Ancient capital of Kush was called Moderation, and in “the Puranas” is a mountain of gods, mount Meru. This abode of Paluba-GOV described in the “Bhagavata Purana” as the pinnacle of the pyramidal form, and this suggests that the pyramids symbolize mount Meru.

Pyramids were not only on the African continent, but also in Central and South America, Mexico, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Somalia and India. They are scattered around the world, and this fact speaks in favor of the assumption that in ancient times there existed a single world culture, one Empire, known as the Kushite Empire.

In ancient Kemet on the banks of the Nile, was built more than eighty pyramids. The dimensions of the imagination. The great pyramid at Giza, constructed-tion to Pharaoh Chephren (khafra), is composed of two and a quarter million stone blocks, each of 1 which weighs an average two and a half tons. Its original height of 481 ft (143,5 m), and the square base of thirteen acres. The Sun temple in the city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, has an even bigger base than the largest of the Egyptian pyramids.

Inside the pyramid is divided into a plurality of chambers connected by tunnels. Underground tunnels connect all three Great pyramids at Giza. Some of these passages lead deep into the earth. Under the base of the pyramids detected water flow. This underground river has spiritual significance, providing a barrier between the material and spiritual world.

View of the pyramids causes such reverent admiration that they have long been considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The pyramids still amaze both scientists and citizens. Study of the structure and functions of the pyramids gives extensive information about space. Many experts believe the pyramids, what if we could solve all the mysteries of the pyramids, we will open the mystery of human existence.