In the Syrian desert discovered mysterious structures
Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada) discovered in Syria, a mysterious stone circles and other features of the landscape that look as if they created people. "They don't…

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Germany Lübeck
In the Northern part of Germany is a small but very famous city - the city of lübeck. He has for many years attracts huge number of tourists and is…

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Gothic society: morphology of a nightmare

In pure lines of the Gothic cathedrals, imbued with a radiant light stained glass unquenchable and wise, the thought itself skyward, mesmerized by the majestic harmony of European culture. Like you’re standing in the heart of the beautiful Bud, which has already been laid all succeeding lines and paint its Golden age: Humanism, Renaissance, Enlightenment. Here as clearly seen the great path, which cuts off all unnecessary, accidental: the constant pursuit of the light of reason, perfection and harmony. Look carefully and obediently follows the uplifting lines of the ribs and extends above, higher up.

The danger catches up suddenly. They hide in heavily sun and wind Sandstone. Ugly escriviu space, they are unnaturally spread ribs, buttresses and devoured them, leaving only the skeleton. Without them, no cost, no drain, no capital, no element of looking mathematically precise, full of rationality Gothic. Monsters inhabit in Gothic churches. Hateful, jeering, nasty creatures — they are not strangers. They are flesh of flesh Gothic, the generation of European spirit. No one knows where they came from and what they’re doing here. Maybe they are just waiting. Waiting in the wings. Waiting for centuries to finally completely take over Prostranstvennaya culture and brand her with his ugly, senseless and merciless by nature. They will not miss their chance, and that chance, like today, it seems, they did not have.

I. Without shelter

Isn’t it difficult to define the line beyond which the familiar world suddenly disappears? No matter whether he was bad or good, it is important that he protects us from the chaos of the future. Slipping into a nightmare of unexplained consists of signs each of which has only a bit of unexpected novelty.

Bot they lie before me on the table. Take, for example, picture a wormhole or a photo of a black hole. Any Internet user is well aware of what today are busy and physics, and mathematics: they construct a time machine, build a mathematical model in which time is continuous and reversible. It turns out that not only time is no longer the way it we thought: objective, linear, peacefully flowing from past to future. The universe as a whole, about which we used to know it all, to the last, smallest, invisible particles, as it turns out, 95% consists of “dark matter”, dark because of its composition and properties, modern science is not known.

Here’s the article, which talks about how former General Chancellor schröder shortly after the failure of the election accepted the offer of the Russian authorities to lead one of the subsidiaries of Russia’s Gazprom. The case is unprecedented not only in German history but in the history of Western democracy.

As evidenced by this stunning fact? About Russian involvement in the corruption of our Western neighbors commented on how many reviewers? Not only about that. Incident Schroeder shows how to change the rules of international politics, how to set a new course for approval of subjectivity as its principle that the interests of individuals begin to mean and weigh much more than the political interests they represent powers. People were interested, cute Li Brezhnev Reagan? Or the question of how is Helmut Kohl to Margaret Thatcher? Today big politics — a story about you if you like each other, Putin and Bush, Chirac and Blair, and if not, why not. It is significant that in response to this observation, political scientists, squinted slyly, object: “But it was always so, and in the nineteenth century, the rulers were bound by ties personal!” With the only difference that most of the rulers in the nineteenth century were monarchs.

Isn’t new the fact that at the head of the largest countries that call themselves democratic, are the leaders, the political behavior of …