Nuclear war of the ancients
Many thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war between the ancient inhabitants of the Earth by the Asuras and space aliens, which led to environmental disaster and change…

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Understanding the greatest buildings of the world
    Your world is filled with structures that have stood the test of time. That give character to the cities and landscapes in which they're located. That are visited…

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Gothic cathedrals – aim for the sky

Maxim . Release year: 2011 Issued: Germany, Stein e Film Production.K. Director: Martin Papiroski Description: About the film: We travel back centuries to the construction of the most beautiful and mysterious structures in Europe – the Gothic cathedrals in Sence, Canterbury, Chartres and Cologne. These “pyramids of the West” and “the pillars of the Earth” still amaze and inspire us. We will walk along the footsteps of the brilliant builders of the middle ages, skills, and knowledge of which was so ahead of its time that some contemporaries suspected them in the deal with the devil. You will find a story about the artisans and common people who risked their lives in the construction of these monumental structures, partly out of economic necessity

Maxim . At last came the wonderful documentary film costume Gothic cathedrals! Honestly, I’ve been waiting for. Tells about the first Gothic edifice in the world – the Church of the Abbey of Saint-Denis (consecrated in 1140, the year), the reconstruction of which began to make the Abbot Suger, then we will talk about the first Gothic Cathedral in Sens (after all, Saint-Denis became a Cathedral only in 1966, the year before that she was just an Abbey Church). Construction work in Sansa began in 1135, the Church was consecrated in 1163, the year. You have to remember that Sansa was married in St. Louis and Margaret of Provence in 1234, the year! Then the movie goes the story of Chartres, Canterbury in England and Cologne in Germany. Amazing documentary about the birth process and the building of the greatest Gothic creations! Highly recommend!

Françoise . Thanks a lot, have wanted to see something like that!

Françoise . Maxim wrote: Still has a decent ten-minute documentary, but informative films about Gothic cathedrals of Europe: Thank you, and it will download. And the fact that short – maybe even good, is not always possible to allocate time for watching movies.