Understanding the greatest buildings of the world
    Your world is filled with structures that have stood the test of time. That give character to the cities and landscapes in which they're located. That are visited…

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Ancient Roman fortress found in Italy
They found that it was part of a large military camp with an area of about 130 square meters and is located on strategic location on top of a hill.…

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Cyclopean structures of antiquity

Our planet is full of strange areas, where you can discover traces of ancient peoples, the meaning of which is difficult to understand in our day. The artifacts are thousands of years old make you think, because many of them were created did not seem at the time. Let’s visit the mysterious place . which is on our planet.

A list of mysterious places


One of the most famous buildings in Ireland. The age of this mysterious building is approximately 5,000 years, hence, it appears that it is older than the famous Stonehenge and even the pyramids at Giza! The ancient builders were versed in astronomy and mathematics, because the main feature of Newgrange is the direction of the sun’s rays at the winter solstice in the main hall, resulting in a few tens of minutes it is flooded with light.

It is believed that this mysterious place was used for different cults, but a century later, the civilization that created the structure for some reason disappeared, and it gradually disappeared into the ground and overgrown with moss. Find again this is an Irish miracle in 1688. Historians and archaeologists argue about the assignment – some say on the tomb for royalty or priests, while others believe that this ancient Observatory. Whatever it was, and the people of those ancient times knew a lot about architecture, for example, the roof of the building for thousands of years still will not let to flow and does not allow moisture to trickle in.

The Pyramids Of Yonaguni

This zagadochnoe was found in the 80-ies of the 20 century, near the Japanese Islands. Under water from 5 to 50 meters found a huge structure, like an ancient city on the bottom. Scientists cannot come to a unanimous conclusion about the origin of the pyramids. Some say that a strong undertow can make such designs, while others believe that the traces of an ancient civilization. This place has gained wide popularity in these days and favored by many underwater divers-Amateurs.

The Nazca Lines

These strange figures, believed to be the fruit of the work of the Nazca Indians who lived in the desert for about 2700 years ago. In the vast territories spread a variety of images of animals and insects, birds and strange creatures. Hit the scale every single picture they are in tens of meters in length and width, they can be seen only from an airplane. Curious how the old Indians, not being able to fly, could reach such a size and precision?

Some researchers believe that the Nazca lines had a religious nature and was created for the gods saw small people. Ufologists believe that these are the signs for alien space ships have visited Earth in ancient times, as numerous straight lines (which is also a lot in the desert) is a navigation and landing strip for alien spacecraft. The purpose of this mysterious place is hidden behind the veil of ambiguity.


A mysterious and colossal structure in Peru. A huge fortress, built of heavy hewn stones of tens of tons each. It is amazing how many building blocks fit between the stones is impossible to insert a thin sheet of paper!

The question arises about the method of construction, since such a structure is not something that the Incas, and modern humans developed technology to create hard. As delivered and processed huge blocks, not to say taken one. The Spaniards who occupied this territory, believed that the Incas use the services of the dark forces. Modern science believes that the ancient have used numerous army of slaves. It is believed that Sacsayhuaman is an impregnable citadel of monks.

Easter Island

A mysterious place, which also affects the size of their statues. The statue of tens of meters are aimed the persons in the centre of the island, and on their heads they have massive blocks, like hats. It is believed that these stone statues were capable of ancient people, because the breed from which they are created is quite malleable and with great zeal ancient architect could create with this solid stone statue.

Another interesting thing, as primitive people had been able to transport huge boulders from the centre of the island to the shore. Some believe that they pulled a large crowd of people using the logs, but there are suggestions and call on other forces to move heavy stones.


This is perhaps the most famous mysterious place. The construction in England, a hundred kilometers from the capital of London. To come to a consensus about the origin and purpose of this ancient monument to modern scientists does not work. They agree that he was much more, and the current ruins is only a small part of the original architectural ensemble. There is the opinion that Stonehenge is the place where the druids performed their rites, tried to communicate with the forces of nature; the ancient Observatory to track the heavenly objects, or even a nuclear reactor of a highly developed civilization. Versions there are many.

The Tablets Georgia

Modern building (1979) created by unknown person. In the mysterious monument has holes through which you can see the Sun and polar star, but most of all can not be explained by the inscriptions on the stones are written in 8 languages. Most of all the message reminds about some parting words for future generations who will live after some global catastrophe. Here are ten tenets that are written in Russian:

The inhabitants of the Earth should not be more than 500 million, so as not to disrupt communication with nature. To competently control the birth rate and pay attention to the versatility of the man. Create a new language that could connect people. Observe tolerance to their emotions, rituals. Humanity must protect a legitimate court and a set of rules. Each nation must solve their internal issues themselves. The world court decides only human. Do not waste time on petty lawsuits, and unnecessary bureaucracy. Keep a balance between personal rights and social duty. Most of all, cherish the beauty, love, gain acceptance of infinity. Nature should be given attention.