Wonders of the world:the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Notre - Dame de Paris)
When I looked down from the towers of Notre Dame, I had a lot of strange thoughts. How many centuries have passed beneath these towers! How many changes - and…

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In the Syrian desert discovered mysterious structures
Robert Mason of the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada) discovered in Syria, a mysterious stone circles and other features of the landscape that look as if they created people. "They don't…

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What are the types of megalithic structures?

Megaliths (from the Greek. – a large stone) is a prehistoric construction of the huge blocks. In the limiting case that one module (the menhir). The term is not strictly scientific, because the definition of megaliths and megalithic structures fall rather vague group of buildings. Most often they belong to the preliterate era of the area.

Megaliths vserasprostranennym in the world mainly in coastal areas. In Europe, they are in the main dated from the era of the Eneolithic and the bronze age (3-2 Millennium BC), except the UK, where the megaliths belong to the Neolithic era. Megalithic monuments are numerous and varied separately in Brittany. Also a huge number of megaliths found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Portugal, parts of France, on the Western coast of great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, on the South coast of Sweden and in Israel. First, the twentieth century was vserasprostranennoy worldview that all megaliths belonged to one global megalithic culture, yet modern research and Dating methods disprove this assumption.

The purpose of the megaliths is not always possible to install. For the most part, according to the view of some scientists, were used for burials or have been connected with funerary cult. There are other views. Apparently, the megaliths of community structures(function – socializing). Their construction was primitive techniques complex problem and sought the unification of the great masses of people. Some megalithic structures, such as, for example, a complex of more than 3000 stones at Carnac (Brittany), France, was a principal ceremonial centers associated with the cult of the dead. Other complexes of megaliths was used to determine the time of astronomical events such as solstice and equinox. In the area of Nabta Playa in the Nubian desert was found a megalithic structure used for astronomical purposes. This structure is 1000 years older than Stonehenge, which is also considered to be specific prehistoric Observatory.