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The Cathedral in Burgos

Cathedral of Burgos is located in the centre of the Spanish city of Burgos. Located in the North of the country, founded in the 9th century to protect from the Moors, this city is not as popular with tourists as Barcelona Review: the Sights of Barcelona (Spain) – the City that always smiles! or Madrid – Review: Tour of Madrid (Spain) – the City of a huge number of areas and diverse attractions. However, despite the fact that Burgos is a relatively small city, the former capital of Castile, and now the town and municipality of Spain can offer you a decent sightseeing.

At me in Burgos most impressed by the Cathedral, so that’s what I want to tell. In my opinion, the Cathedral of Burgos is one of the largest Gothic churches and fascinating, and I would say not only in Spain but throughout Europe. Looking at his majestic build, I’m sure you will agree with me!

The construction of this amazing Cathedral began in the 13th century according to prikazovanja king Ferdinando III. The Cathedral was erected instead of a Roman Basilica, he was to become the main Church of the whole Kingdom of Castille, as I mentioned, the city of Burgos was once the capital of Castile. When was lighted the altar of the Cathedral in 1260, the construction work of this temple were suspended for almost 200 years. Final date of completion of the Cathedral is considered 1567 – then built the spire, which rises above the main ceiling of this magnificent Church.

The Cathedral of Burgos I would call a masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Spain. Its main facade looks at the most known square of Burgos – Plaza de Santa Maria.

In the lower tier of the façade has three arches,

the Central one is the main entrance to the Cathedral.

The Central part of the facade is decorated with a large rose window.

Very similar to the rose window of the there is also another Cathedral in Spain – Tarragona – Review: Cathedral (Spain, Tarragona) is the largest Cathedral in the whole of Catalonia. This comparison, in my opinion, more than appropriate, because as I mentioned, the Cathedral of Burgos is one of the most majestic not only in Spain but also in Europe, and the Cathedral of Tarragona is the largest Cathedral in all of Catalonia, is also considered to be the most significant and famous architectural monument of Tarragona.

Returning to the description of Burgos Cathedral, it is also worth noting that the third floor of this building is a magnificent gallery, which houses statues of the kings of Castile. Above is a beautiful statue of the virgin and child. Crowning the façade with two gabled openwork towers with spires.

Although the Cathedral is magnificent in itself, but the true masterpiece of this building should be called the southern, the most ancient facade, which is notable for its portal, an exquisite example of sculptures from the 13th century. The portal is decorated with magnificent statues of Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles.

It should go inside of this Cathedral. Its main altar,

which was created in the 16th century by the architects Rodrigo and Martin de La Aya, decorated with the image of Santa Maria La Mayor, built in the Gothic style.

Especially beautiful, in my opinion, the Cathedral looks from the height.

Of course, little known to most tourists the Spanish city of Burgos there are other interesting places for sightseeing, but the Cathedral of this city personally impressed me the most. Bourbos and interesting not only for its architectural landmarks, it is really interesting places to visit, not to mention the fact that in there are amazing, not like other streets, such as street Barrantes.