How beautiful this world is!

In Mexico found the entrance to the underworld
A real discovery in the spirit of adventure of James Fenimore Cooper made archaeologists in the ancient city of Teotihuacan (Mexico). Under the pyramidal temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl)…

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England. Mysterious Stonehenge
I want to tell you a bit about those stones, which we all know since Windows XP. We all remember those Wallpapers which bill gates offered us to install on…

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Gothic cathedrals – aim for the sky

Maxim . Release year: 2011 Issued: Germany, Stein e Film Production.K. Director: Martin Papiroski Description: About the film: We travel back centuries to the construction of the most beautiful and mysterious structures in Europe – the Gothic cathedrals in Sence, Canterbury, Chartres and Cologne. These “pyramids of the West” and “the pillars of the Earth” still amaze and inspire us. We will walk along the footsteps of the brilliant builders of the middle ages, skills, and knowledge of which was so ahead of its time that some contemporaries suspected them in the deal with the devil. You will find a story about the artisans and common people who risked their lives in the construction of these monumental structures, partly out of economic necessity

Maxim . At last came the wonderful documentary film costume Gothic cathedrals! Honestly, I’ve been waiting for. Tells about the first Gothic edifice in the world – the Church of the Abbey of Saint-Denis Continue reading

Underground structures in the estate of Avdotyino-Tikhvin

1. The Church of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, 1749-1753гг.

2. The wing of the mid 19th century. ( currently an abandoned, badly damaged in a fire ).

3. The building of the former school of the late 19th century.

4. The building of the baths of the 19th century. ( currently abandoned ).

5. The 19th century coach house. ( to date, only the base remains ).

6. Forge the end of the 19th century. ( to date, remained badly damaged parts of the walls ).

7. Presumably the Foundation of the construction

8. The white-stone Foundation of a building, presumably the main house ( on the ground expressed a sinkhole with exposed white stone and brick walls, addition 2013. )

9. The Foundation of the silos 1930-1940. (1)

10. Brick peasant house of the late 18th century.

11. Remnants of a wooden bridge p. 20V. ( it was kept in piles in the riverbed ).

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Belgium is a small country that focuses on organization, uniting Europe. Since 1959, in Brussels, capital of Belgium, is the headquarters of the EEC since 1967, NATO, the Benelux countries and several other international and European organizations.

Among the attractions of the capital is allocated there is a Big square of the medieval center of Brussels . one of the best preserved urban markets in Europe with a beautiful town hall in the Gothic style, “Royal house”, exquisitely decorated houses of the merchant Guild. In 1695 the entire area, except the town hall, was destroyed by the French, but it was quickly restored. The building it is built in the style of the Flemish Baroque, and none of the facade, facing the square, is not repeated. A large area surrounded by old neighborhoods with winding streets — “Lower city”, which turned into a tourist center.

On the small square is the famous fountain “Manneken Pis” — a statue of Manneken Pis is the hallmark of Brussels. On holidays figurine dress up in expensive clothes collected from all over the world. This collection includes several hundred types of clothing and it is constantly updated, including through gifts of official delegations of other countries. Continue reading

The principle used by the ancients in the basis of the structure of the Pantheon

To understand the names of the gods and hypotheses about their functions, need to understand the logic of the ancients, the idea, inherent in the construction of the Pantheon of gods, then it will be clear of their functions and names.

Archaeological excavations in Kiev region near the village of Shumsky has shown that Vladimir’s reforms to the faith of their ancestors in the Russian Pantheon consisted of 12 main gods. Exactly the same amount of allocated main gods in the Vedas. The number 12 coincides with the number of months in a year, so a search was launched to study the remnants of astrological knowledge. Although astrology is a dead science and, owing to the loss of men sensitivity to subtle biological and cosmic influences, it

a long time there has been no development, however, it is a complete system of philosophy inherited from the ancients.

In astrology each month is subordinated to one of the elements: fire, earth, air or water. Fire has three months: March, July and November; three of the earth: August, December and April; three of air: September, January and may; and three water: June, February and October. Accordingly there had to be three of the four gods with different functions. Continue reading

Design of underground structures

As we see in the suburbs are built of small private buildings for private residence, high cottages, and active development of the cities is not outwards, but inwards and increasing the number of floors of urban buildings.

In new buildings must be provided underground multi-storey Parking, by the example of the capital include the emergence of a huge underground shopping malls, underground roads with junctions. Among businessmen a hundred popular to rent even offices underground. To take into account at least the development of metro lines, which do extend beyond the city limits.

During the construction of underground structures using modern technology . and the process is not long delayed. First specialized companies carefully conducted engineering and geological surveys. Before implementing horizontal directional drilling, to do underground piping must explore the soil, how deep are underground water, and only then is it meaningful to calculate the tunneling and engineering of underground structures. The largest underground road junction may well boast of Paris. Continue reading