The principle used by the ancients in the basis of the structure of the Pantheon
To understand the names of the gods and hypotheses about their functions, need to understand the logic of the ancients, the idea, inherent in the construction of the Pantheon of…

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What are the types of megalithic structures?
Megaliths (from the Greek. - a large stone) is a prehistoric construction of the huge blocks. In the limiting case that one module (the menhir). The term is not strictly…

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The megalithic temples of Malta: the oldest megaliths in history

Fast forward to the Maltese archipelago. One of the favorite places for tourists has long been considered a place of historic significance. Here are some of the most ancient mysterious megalithic structures of mankind – the megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo.

Amazing the age of the buildings

The true history of the local ancient inhabitants currently unknown. It is impossible to say who exactly they were, what purpose did it travel to the Islands, but the construction of these skilled craftsmen are still standing today.

Scientists believe that the origins of the civilization of the Maltese builders takes about 7000 years ago. For the most part it was a Neolithic culture – all the buildings made of stone. But about total isolation of the residents say no, it is believed that they had developed trade relations with the European part, in particular with Italy. Continue reading

Underground secrets of rock petroglyphs. Alexander Makedonski.

Speaking of “painted rocks” on Tom, we usually remember the Tomsk pisanyza. But it is only the first of eight located on this site. For forty-seven kilometers down stream of the Tom river here there’s a cave with petroglyphs arrays: Novoromanovskaya I and II, Cool I and II, the Hanging Stone, Nicholas, and closes ensemble Totalsa Pisanitsa. Doctor of historical Sciences Igor Kovtun says: “This last is a rocky massif on the Bank of the river Tom is also the last North-Western the location of rock paintings in Central and northwestern Asia. Further, to the Urals, nothing like that no more…”

Why here?

What attracted our ancestors this place?

On one of the sections of its flow Tom as if making a circle, changing course and contrary to common in Siberia from South to North – begins to flow from North to South. In the myths of many Siberian peoples to the South associated location of the Upper world, the dwelling of light forces, rebirth after death. It is in this place and is Novoromanovskaya Pisanitsa. Continue reading

England. Mysterious Stonehenge

I want to tell you a bit about those stones, which we all know since Windows XP. We all remember those Wallpapers which bill gates offered us to install on their old monitors. We are talking about Stonehenge — one of the most mysterious places on Earth. The world is full of various Antiques, many beautiful ruins to visit. We know who and why built the pyramids in Mexico. We know the story of Pompeii and were able to identify the location of ancient Troy. Even Machu Picchu know something. But what do we know about Stonehenge? Nothing. Some say that the stones were raised by druids 3,000 years ago, others give them as much as 5000 years. I prefer the age, which specifies UNESCO in their brochures, and it is 4500 years old. Immediately brewing the next question: who or what built Stonehenge? There’s more variants than answers on its age. The purpose of Stonehenge remains a mystery for the entire world and it is unlikely we will figure it out. Some say that this is the place for Druidic rituals, others call it ancient Observatory, a platform for the landing of alien ships and even the entrance to another dimension. All we have are small and mystical version of UFO, you can throw overboard, but we always believe in legends, because legends force us to remember his childhood and immerse yourself in some good and fabulous world. One of them says that these cannibali found in Northern Ireland and moved through the air by the magician Merlin in the time of king Arthur. Who which version would you choose? We will return to UNESCO. World Heritage says that Stonehenge is an ancient temple built taking into account the movement of the sun. Continue reading