Nuclear war of the ancients
Many thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war between the ancient inhabitants of the Earth by the Asuras and space aliens, which led to environmental disaster and change…

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Underground structures in the estate of Avdotyino-Tikhvin
1. The Church of the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, 1749-1753гг. 2. The wing of the mid 19th century. ( currently an abandoned, badly damaged in a fire…

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The Gothic style of architecture

They are designed for the quantity of people around was full of life. Inside the Cathedral is spacious, the transept nearly merges with the longitudinal space. This eliminates a sharp boundary between clergy and visitors. “Sanctuary” ceases to be something inaccessible and unseen. The tombs are placed directly in the temple, and not in a dark underground crypt, in the Romanesque churches. The Gothic dramatic, but not gloomy and not sad.

The visual splendour of Gothic churches, including statues, reliefs, stained glass Windows and the altar painting, all that was conceived as a kind of encyclopedia of medieval knowledge – of course subordinate to theology. And in each Cathedral can be traced its own theme. For example, the Paris Cathedral was dedicated, the mother of God and all that is connected with it; Amiens expressed the idea of messianism: on the facade the figures of the prophets. But the intensions of these fine theological encyclopedias were, in General, so vague and allegories are so conditional that under their protection they found the place wide variety of subjects and motifs, including very far from the Church’s concept of the universe. Under the hands of medieval stonecutters dead stone comes to life and blooms with thousands of flowers. Hard found history more organic form of synthesis of art. emerging on that basis. Continue reading

What are the types of megalithic structures?

Megaliths (from the Greek. – a large stone) is a prehistoric construction of the huge blocks. In the limiting case that one module (the menhir). The term is not strictly scientific, because the definition of megaliths and megalithic structures fall rather vague group of buildings. Most often they belong to the preliterate era of the area.

Megaliths vserasprostranennym in the world mainly in coastal areas. In Europe, they are in the main dated from the era of the Eneolithic and the bronze age (3-2 Millennium BC), except the UK, where the megaliths belong to the Neolithic era. Megalithic monuments are numerous and varied separately in Brittany. Also a huge number of megaliths found on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Portugal, parts of France, on the Western coast of great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, on the South coast of Sweden and in Israel. First, the twentieth century was vserasprostranennoy worldview that all megaliths belonged to one global megalithic culture, yet modern research and Dating methods disprove this assumption. Continue reading